Telescope is a MeteorJS powered application that powers sites like Product Hunt and Now, as per Sacha Greif’s post on Product Hunt, it’s even easier to deploy and use:

Telescope is a free open-source app built with Meteor that makes it easy for anyone to launch their own community, and we just pushed a big update to make it easier to install and customize.

The install process is now super simple (no more having to use git!), and Telescope now supports themes and plugins.

We’ve also completely refactored Telescope’s internal API to be much easier to understand, as well as written new documentation from scratch.

Telescope is not just for Product Hunt-type sites by the way. You can also use it for content aggregation or event scheduling, or getting to #2 on Product Hunt 😉

Lots of PH members have used Telescope to launch products already, and I’m looking forward to seeing what people can do with this new version! ~ Sacha Greif, “Telescope Refactor” – Product Hunt