Later this week I hope to do a proper write-up on this project, but while it’s still “hot off the press”, here’s a link to my latest work: I designed and built the site in less than one week, just in time for my client’s appearance at a tradeshow this evening. In addition, I also designed the ThriftTrac logo.

Key tools I used in building this site were:

jQuery – Click to reveal content

See the following effect I created to tighten up the layout on my client’s home page:

jQuery - Click to reveal

The above animated GIF (click the graphic for a fullsize view) shows a “click to reveal” button I created using jQuery. The effect is reusable throughout the website’s theme by simply adding .reveal to the parent row.

Sword & Shield, Enterprise Security is a Knoxville, Tennessee based company with a national presence. Working alongside their marketing staff, I developed and designed their website. My interface with the Sword & Shield is a classic example of how I typically interface with mid-sized companies. They brought me on as their web-developer-for-hire, securing my services and expertise as a freelancer without having to hire a full-time designer/developer. We were able to get their site designed, built, and launched in about two-and-a-half months.