Today I’m proud to announce the launch of the Knoxville Marriage Initiative (KMI) website. The Knoxville Marriage Initiative is a partnership of community organizations and churches in the Knoxville area. Their goal is “to grow a network of church and community organizations that provide effective and accessible relationship assistance to citizens of Knoxville and surrounding counties.” What this means is that instead of offering one-time events, the KMI will provide on-going marriage support through various classes, programs, and events.

Their website is currently in a “soft launch” as KMI is only registering participants who are participating with their eight initial partner churches. At a later date, couples will be able to participate regardless of their church affiliation. As a part of the scalability of the program, I’ve built in several additional features of the site which we’ll be turning on in the coming months.

Via one of my #devnotes, I look forward to sharing more about the development of this site, but for now, check out the site.