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Links of Interest, Issue 23

Last night my wife and I signed up for a healthcare plan via the ACA Marketplace. Prior to that, our health insurance had been provided by a grandfathered…

Illdy – Free One Page WordPress Business Theme

I’m adding Illdy to my list of nice looking WordPress themes. It features a one-page layout that has spots for portfolio items, testimonials, news, and more.

Reclaiming an old domain: quickweb.com

Season 6 of the Startup podcast debuted this morning. The first episode tells the story of Rick Schwartz who earned the title of “Domain King” by building a…

Mashup-Template.com – Free HTML5 Templates

Nice set of free HTML5/CSS3 templates for use in your private and/or commercial projects: Mashup Template. Beautiful free HTML5/CSS3 templates that can be used for any commercial projects….

Feather – Simply beautiful open source icons

Feather is a nice set of plug-and-play, open-source SVG icons.

Codeplace – Learn Web Development the Right Way

I really like the look of Codeplace as a way to start or further your web development skills. I came across the site on ProductHunt, and I liked…

Stripe Atlas: The best way to start an internet business

Stripe Atlas is a turnkey service for starting your new internet business. In addition to setting you up with a Stripe account, bank account, and credit card, the service also…

Pexels Videos

I already love Pexels for their great collection of free stock photos. Now Pexels Videos offers all manner of free stock videos.


This looks handy: DevFreeCasts is “a huge collection of free screencasts for developers.”

Get Free, Royalty-Free Music Every Week – Music for Makers

Music for Makers offers high-quality, royalty-free music to use in your projects. Bonus: You should also check out Zenmix.io. There you can build your own “immersive, nature-inspired soundscape to…

Resource Cards – Selected free resources for designers

Just in time for your next project: Resource Cards looks to be a great curated list of free resources.

Free & premium stock photos – tookapic

Great looking royalty-free stock photos at tookapic. New quality in stock photography. License royalty-free, authentic lifestyle photos for your brand, social media and online marketing. Simple license. Simple…

CMS.js – Javascript CMS

CMS.js is a light-weight Javascript site generator that is super-easy to setup. I can see it being great for a one page website or a simple blog. CMS.js…

Sandstorm – open source server platform

Sandstorm makes managing your own server as simple as setting up your smartphone. Setting up your own installs of popular open source apps is as simple as browsing…

Best Stock Photography Tools by Product Hunt

Nice Product Hunt Collection of Stock Photography resources.  

restpack – RESTful utilities as a service

Restpack’s collection of RESTful utilities could be a big help on your next coding project. They provide a growing collection of microservices ready for easy inclusion in your…

Kickball/awesome-selfhosted – github.com

If you’re the DIY type when it comes to the web, you’ll appreciate this comprehensive list of self-hosted resources which replicate many of the features and functionality of…

Easy Docs – WordPress Documentation Theme

I came across this WordPress theme a couple years back. It serves one purpose: providing a place to publish your documentation. To use it, simply setup an install…

Dropbox for Gmail

The Dropbox for Gmail extension for the Google Chrome browser makes it super simple to include Dropbox download links in your Gmail or Google Apps emails.

Linux file system hierarchy v2.0 – blackMORE Ops

Given my affinity for using my Mac and my web servers via their command lines, I love this reference: Linux File System Hierarchy v2.0. Check it out and…