CMS.js – Javascript CMS

CMS.js is a light-weight Javascript site generator that is super-easy to setup. I can see it being great for a one page website or a simple blog.

CMS.js is fully client-side, Javascript site generator in the spirit of Jekyll that uses plain ol’ HTML, CSS and Javascript to generate your website. It takes your content, renders Markdown and delivers a complete website in Single-Page App fashion…without the aid of server-side scripting (no Node.js, PHP, Ruby, etc.).

Source: CMS.js – Javascript CMS

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  1. Looks nifty and love the github pages feature. But it would be nice to get a bit more documentation or a tutorial or two.

    • Agreed on wanting more documentation. I used it on a project last week. The code is lean enough and clean enough that I was able to pick up on things…still it would have been nice to have a helping hand. Documenting things might be a nice thing for one of us out here to contribute.

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