News Publishing Guide: Becoming a News Publisher

I just setup this site to be an iCloud News Publisher when the new News app goes live with the release of the next version of iOS.


The News app was announced during yesterday’s 2015 WWDC Keynote. It looks to be Apple’s take on the RSS reader. From what I saw in the presentation, it may become my new favorite way to consume longform content from magazines like WIRED, The Atlantic, and more.

To distribute content on News, you need to complete a sign-up and approval process. Use the iCloud-based News Publisher tool to register as a publisher, add your feeds, and get your channel approved. ~ Becoming a News Publisher – Apple Developer Site

Cranked RSS Reader – Never miss the best stories

Cranked is a nice looking self hosted RSS Reader. Click through on the link below and check out their demo:

Cranked is a self hosted RSS reader that separates the wheat from the chaff and floats articles most worthy of your attention right to the top at your command…It grabs ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ data from Facebook & Twitter to determine the best stories. If 10,000 people recommend an article, it’s probably worth checking out. ~ Cranked RSS Reader – Never miss the best stories

FeedPress — Feed analytics done right.

It’s no secret that Feedburner is going away pretty soon. What would happen if you lose all your Feedburner subscribers? Don’t wait for a Google “Spring Cleaning” announcement, migrate right now. ~ FeedPress

I was looking for a syndication solution for this site, and FeedPress was exactly what I was looking for. It’s the modern successor to Feedburner.