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Confession: I clicked on a promoted link in my Twitter stream. This one looked useful, so I’m saving it for future reference: Emphatic.co is a solution for companies wanting to maintain an authentic presence on social media without tying up their own staff. Here’s how they describe their service:

Done-For-You Social Media in 3 Easy Steps

1) Build a profile
Share some basic info with us and we’ll create a unique content profile for your brand.

2) Receive your updates
U.S.-based writers will create & send amazing social media content to you every week.

3) Review and schedule
Review the updates and then we’ll post them to your networks for you. Easy!

~ Emphatic – Handcrafted content for your social media networks

Hacking The Tweet Stream — Five Hundred Words — Medium

Hacking The Tweet Stream…with pictures of text ~ @mgsiegler: medium.com/five-hundred-words/hacking-the-tweet-stream-52ed63a0731

I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of Twitter as its users hack its simple interface to add extra functionality, context, and meaning to their tweets. In his post Hacking The Tweet Stream, M.G. Siegler highlights a phenomena that I’ve noticed lately but hadn’t pondered.

Re/code Drops Comments | Re/code

The Re/code blog has decided to drop comments in favor of discussions happening elsewhere:

The biggest change for some of you, however, will be that we have decided to remove the commenting function from the site. We thought about this decision long and hard, since we do value reader opinion. But we concluded that, as social media has continued its robust growth, the bulk of discussion of our stories is increasingly taking place there, making onsite comments less and less used and less and less useful. ~ A Note to Re/code Readers | Re/code.

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