Atomic: Interface design software for professionals

Atomic is a beautiful looking prototype software. I especially love how it allows for collaboration and features a “visual version history”.


Design – Work your way up from a blank canvas, or pull in designs from Photoshop or Sketch.
Prototype – Lay out your states and instantly animate between them, without coding a thing.
Share – Share your prototypes with anyone or view on any device via a humble URL.

Source: Atomic: Interface design software for professionals

Matterhorn: Your new project manager

Matterhorn looks to be an all-in-one project management solution that you can adapt to fit your workflows.

Matterhorn is a simple-to use, lightweight project management tool that helps your team keep track of multiple people and projects at once.

It’s got checklists, boards, discussions and a planner, that all work in harmony to keep you and your team focused on what really matters. ~ Matterhorn

Glip – Project Management, Replace Your Inbox

As I work on more and more projects with larger teams, I’ve been looking for some good project management solutions. Basecamp is an option, but I’m interested in something else. Glip just might fit the bill:

Glip is your team’s conversation platform to plan, share & organize work. We designed Glip so that teams can jump right in, with zero learning curve, and do better work together. No technical skills are required to use Glip, and it boosts your productivity from the very first user. Glip removes communication barriers with built-in text and video chat and includes file sharing, tasks management, shared calendars and more, all seamlessly integrated.

With Glip, every user can easily see the context of work activities and related conversation. Gone is the frustration with email and other software that wastes your time when you are looking for that important file, or that buried message.

Glip helps you organize your work around your conversations. All the basic tools you need to get your work done are right there in the stream, and you don’t have to worry about where or with whom to share because it all happens naturally, as a bi-product of your communication.

For those still attached to their email, Glip is seamlessly integrated with their inbox. Co-workers and vendors can interact with you right from their inbox, blending right into the conversation, and you still get all the benefits of Glip’s powerful and easy-to-use tools.

With Glip, teams can take advantage of their natural workflow from concept to completion, improving performance and keeping everyone in sync. And that is what Glipping is all about.

Glip – About

ActionAlly – Get Started on Work You Care About

Do you suffer from ADD every time you sit down at your computer? ActionAlly looks to help by helping you focus on your most important tasks.

Every time you get to your computer, ActionAlly will be there, ready to channel you into your most important work.

No more sitting blankly trying to figure out what to work on. No more drifting to Facebook.

Now you have an ally that makes sure your attention is being used effectively. ~ ActionAlly

Muut – Commenting and forums for your site.

Muut is really hard for me to type. Putting this post together I accidentally typed “mutt” three or four times. But, it looks to be a really slick embeddable forum solution.

Muut is the only embeddable community platform in the market that’s not based on iframes. It becomes a seamless part of your website, brand, and overall experience. Since it’s a collection of HTML elements sitting right on your page, it can be styled normally with CSS. A separate static site is generated for search engines to get the full benefits of SEO. ~ muut – Commenting and forums for your site.

Cranked RSS Reader – Never miss the best stories

Cranked is a nice looking self hosted RSS Reader. Click through on the link below and check out their demo:

Cranked is a self hosted RSS reader that separates the wheat from the chaff and floats articles most worthy of your attention right to the top at your command…It grabs ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ data from Facebook & Twitter to determine the best stories. If 10,000 people recommend an article, it’s probably worth checking out. ~ Cranked RSS Reader – Never miss the best stories