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Compressify: video compression compressify.herokuapp.com

Compressify: video compression

Want to add a video background to your site, but you need to compress your video? Check out Compressify. Google’s…

Pexels Videos

I already love Pexels for their great collection of free stock photos. Now Pexels Videos offers all manner of free…

iPhone 7 Impressions – Marques Brownlee

Alright, if you’re a regular reader, my guess is you know all about the latest iPhone 7 Apple introduced yesterday. That’s not…

Links of Interest: Top Videos Edition

Here are some great videos I’m come across in recent weeks. You’ve probably seen one or two. The last one…

“The ADDY Strikes Back” on Vimeo

Elastic Pictures and JAOPRO produced this Star Wars themed opener for this year’s Knoxville ADDY Awards. If you’re from the…

Inspiration from John’s Gospel – An Illustrator’s Take

If you’ve ever been to a University of Tennessee sporting event, you’ve seen illustrator Danny Wilson‘s talent on display. Such…

Zaevion Dobson Tribute Video – CBS Sports

In case you didn’t get to see this tribute to Zaevion Dobson before Super Bowl 50, here it is.

Train Track Veggie Market

Wow! Is this thing up to code?

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