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Resource Cards – Selected free resources for designers

Just in time for your next project: Resource Cards looks to be a great curated list of free resources.

Sandstorm – open source server platform

Sandstorm makes managing your own server as simple as setting up your smartphone. Setting up your own installs of popular…

Links of Interest – WordPress Development

Today’s Links of Interest are all about WordPress development: So You Want To Use WordPress To Make An App? At…

A(nother) new era of WordPress – Be the signal bethesignal.org

A(nother) new era of WordPress – Be the signal

Jeff Waugh shares his thoughts on Another new era of WordPress. His comments on the new WordPress API interest me most:…

Reapp – Hybrid apps, fast

Reapp is a framework for building hybrid apps fast. Hybrid apps, fast – React, Webpack, ES6 and our platform help you…

All Free Bootstrap Themes & Templates – Start Bootstrap

So, you’re wanting to join all the cool kids and build your own static website? Kickstart your development with one…

Formspree | Functional HTML forms formspree.io

Formspree | Functional HTML forms

Looking for a place to submit your HTML form on your static site? Formspree.io will forward your form to your…

Frito-Lay Creative Project Management App – Lift

Great example of using WordPress as a Web Application Framework: The Lift team re-worked the WordPress admin into a project…

shade – web gradient explorer

Play around with web gradients with shade v1.0.0 – mathematically derived gradient explorer

.htaccess snippets collection github.com


A handy collection of .htaccess snippets: phanan/htaccess. A collection of useful .htaccess snippets, all in one place. I decided to…

Aurelia – JavaScript Client Framework

Aurelia is a JavaScript Client Framework built by Durandal, Inc. which includes a former member of the AngularJS team. Check out…

Muut – Commenting and forums for your site.

Muut is really hard for me to type. Putting this post together I accidentally typed “mutt” three or four times….

Web application architecture - Medium medium.com

Web application architecture – Medium

Stephen Young outlines a couple of common web application architectures in his series “How to become a web developer”. Picking…

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