A(nother) new era of WordPress – Be the signal

Jeff Waugh shares his thoughts on Another new era of WordPress. His comments on the new WordPress API interest me most:

With WP-API, you could get rid of all that PHP code, do less work on the server, and build the entire admin user interface in the browser with JavaScript. That might sound strange, but it’s how most modern web applications are built today. WordPress can adapt… again!

One of the things I love about WordPress is that you can make it look like anything you wish. Most of the sites I’ve worked on don’t look anything like traditional blogs. WP-API kicks that up a notch.

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Frito-Lay Creative Project Management App – Lift

Great example of using WordPress as a Web Application Framework: The Lift team re-worked the WordPress admin into a project management application for Frito Lay: Frito-Lay Creative Project Management App – Lift

One of the biggest tasks was re-skinning the admin. We removed all WordPress branding and converted it into a white-label, custom CMS. The front-end is redirected to the admin and requires user authentication to sign in and use the app. Once logged in, a custom logo and admin bar greet the user with a soft color palette and refreshing design. The traditional Publish metabox has been completely replaced with a custom one which factors in the custom workflow mentioned above.
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Muut – Commenting and forums for your site.

Muut is really hard for me to type. Putting this post together I accidentally typed “mutt” three or four times. But, it looks to be a really slick embeddable forum solution.

Muut is the only embeddable community platform in the market that’s not based on iframes. It becomes a seamless part of your website, brand, and overall experience. Since it’s a collection of HTML elements sitting right on your page, it can be styled normally with CSS. A separate static site is generated for search engines to get the full benefits of SEO. ~ muut – Commenting and forums for your site.

Web application architecture – Medium

Stephen Young outlines a couple of common web application architectures in his series “How to become a web developer”.

Picking the web application architecture best suited to your unique needs is vital. In this post I am going to talk about a few of the most common web application architectures you are likely to come across. Every web application has it’s own unique set of requirements and constraints so the architectures I will be listing here are just general examples. ~ Web application architecture — On Coding — Medium