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Today’s Links of Interest are all about WordPress development:

So You Want To Use WordPress To Make An App?

At WordCamp Miami, which I attended recently, one of the most popular topics of discussion was leveraging WordPress to power mobile applications. At this point, I think everyone is an agreement that you can, in fact, use WordPress to power both web and mobile applications. Now it’s time to answer the questions “Should I use it?” and, if so, “how do I do it?” ~ Josh Pollock, Torque

Creating a custom functions plugin for end users – Although this was published in 2011, there’s a lot of good content in this post. For example, did you know that the `mu` in the `wp-content\mu-plugins` directory stands for “must-use” plugins? Plugins in that directory get activated automatically on both network and single-site WordPress installs (I’d always thought it only pertained to network/multi-site).

Publishing WordPress Plugin-Ins With Git – Read this tutorial to learn how to use Git to track your changes to your plugin, and also learn how to flatten your changes to a single commit if you intend to publish via SVN to the WordPress plugin repo.

JointsWP 3 is Fully Baked and Ready for Launch – Read about the latest version of JointsWP, a WordPress theme built with Foundation 5.

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