I spent yesterday morning, from 8:40 – 12:30, speaking to The King’s Academy high school students about my career as a web developer. It was a total of nine twenty minute sessions, and it felt like I’d finished a speaking marathon when it was over.

For my presentation, I shared about my educational path and the experiences that landed me in my freelancing career. Then I shared some projects I’ve been working on lately.

My favorite part about the experience was adjusting my presentation for each of my audiences. Some seemed interested right from the start; others, not so much. I enjoyed asking them about their career plans and aspirations. There were a handful of students who expressed interest in creative careers.

All-in-all, I had a great time, and I thank The King’s Academy for inviting me to speak. Hopefully, my presentation was an encouragement to those thinking about a career in digital media, and just maybe, it might have inspired someone who hadn’t thought of it before.