I spent way too much time today trying to get my SSH connection manager working. Sometime during the past week I borked my dotfiles such that attempts to run sshman yielded an error (i.e. Could not open my.phar). My attempts to reinstall PHIVE and sshman were fruitless. Finally, I resorted to updating my ~/.functions with the following

# Open SSHMan
function sshman(){
        php ~/Dropbox/Php/sshman/sshman.phar

👆That’s less than ideal as it means my implementation is now running off of my development code as opposed to the version I’m distributing via PHIVE.

In other news, I got this landing page ready for client review. I had the initial layout work for this one completed by my RipplePop developer, and I was really pleased with how he was able to take my instructions and save me an hour or more of work.