Osmo for iPad

Osmo combines an iPad and physical objects for a cool learning/play/education environment for kids.

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. ~ Osmo

Layers – WordPress Site Builder

Layers, a new WordPress Site Builder Theme, was announced by Obox Themes last week. I downloaded Layers on Friday, and having only used it a bit, I’m already extremely impressed.

The Layers interface works through the WordPress Customizer, so it looks, feels, and works like an extension of WordPress. What’s more, the Obox team has released their source code so that anyone can extend and contribute to Layers. I see a lot of potential with this project as it’s looking to “play well” within the overall WordPress community.

By removing endless design options and features, Layers provides you with just enough choice to create a beautiful site while still maintaining the fundamentals of good design. ~ Layers – WordPress Site Builder

The Joel Test Updated For Programmers

Do you have what it takes to be a good programmer? In the The Joel Test Updated For Programmers, John Sonmez covers twelve skills and concepts important for doing your job well.

  1. Can you use source control effectively?
  2. Can you solve algorithm-type problems?
  3. Can you program in more than one language or technology?
  4. Do you do something to increase your education or skills every day?
  5. Do you name things appropriately?
  6. Can you communicate your ideas effectively?
  7. Do you understand basic design patterns?
  8. Do you know how to debug effectively?
  9. Do you test your own code?
  10. Do you share your knowledge?
  11. Do you use the best tools for your job?
  12. Can you build an actual application?

via The Joel Test Updated For Programmers

Readydesk – desktop standing desks

Looking to join the standing revolution? Readydesk works with your current furniture to convert a desk or table into a standing desk.

Turn your current desk or table into a standing desk. At home or work, Readydesk is affordable, portable, lightweight and strong.  Readydesk can be adjusted to your height so that you stand in an ergonomically proper position, putting less stress on your spine. ~ Readydesk

Frito-Lay Creative Project Management App – Lift

Great example of using WordPress as a Web Application Framework: The Lift team re-worked the WordPress admin into a project management application for Frito Lay: Frito-Lay Creative Project Management App – Lift

One of the biggest tasks was re-skinning the admin. We removed all WordPress branding and converted it into a white-label, custom CMS. The front-end is redirected to the admin and requires user authentication to sign in and use the app. Once logged in, a custom logo and admin bar greet the user with a soft color palette and refreshing design. The traditional Publish metabox has been completely replaced with a custom one which factors in the custom workflow mentioned above.
~ Frito-Lay Creative Project Management App – Lift

X Theme Showcase & Example Sites – (Updated Weekly)

I’ve mentioned the WordPress X Theme on here before. It’s a WordPress theme with limitless design options and loads of potential. This past week I was browsing Theme.co‘s site and I found this nice Showcase of X Theme sites in the real world. Even better than seeing Theme.co’s demo of X is seeing it used to great effect by real bloggers and companies. My hats off to the Theme.co crew for building a very versitile theme.

From .com – .gov, check out just a sample of the thousands of X-powered sites and discover the incredible versatility of this ultimate WordPress theme. ~ X Theme Showcase