Friday Playlist – Biosphere Substrata

Please allow me to submit Biosphere as an addition to your Friday office playlist. Biosphere is the recording name of Norwegian musician Geir Jenssen1. His music has been described as “ambient techno” and “arctic ambient”2.

Get a taste of his style by listening to Kobresia in the playlist below. At 01:45 the track includes a Russian speaker. Giving you the details about the speaker only adds to the ambience: The voice belongs to Karl Nikolajev, a Russian “biocommunicator” (telepath). He is sitting in a room trying to “see” an object lying on a table two floors up. The English translation:

It is either metal or … If it’s metal, it is painted… Cold surface. It is either metal (painted), or, maybe, plastic. Colored. There is… Bright. Looks like… Maybe, it’s a toy? The surface is smooth, but here are some projections. Finger sticks. Maybe it is… Some kind of dents… or… or it is letters… or just projections… Looks like a toy. Multicolored metal or plastic, painted metal. That’s it. Stop.  ~ Kobresia on

Pretty trippy if you ask me. Enjoy!

1, 2 Wikipedia Biosphere (musician)

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  1. Charley Sexton

    Do you have any Sigur Rós on your playlists? They are one of my favorites from this genre:

    • I believe I’ve come across them before, but they hadn’t “registered on my radar” until now. Thanks for the link! Apparently we share similar tastes in music. 😉

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