Two great sights from a little star gazing I did this evening:

  1. The International Space Station passed over my head just after 10:30pm. It slowly started reflecting enough light for me to see it once it was fairly high in the southwestern sky. Then I watched as it passed overhead and continued catching enough sunlight for about 20 more degrees. I always love watching it, and I try to catch a glimpse whenever I can.
  2. Jupiter is very prominent in the southeastern sky. It’s so cool to be able to pick it out so easily.

iPhone 7 Impressions – Marques Brownlee

Alright, if you’re a regular reader, my guess is you know all about the latest iPhone 7 Apple introduced yesterday. That’s not the point of this post. Rather I want to introduce you to self-made tech reporter Marques Brownlee. I love this kid’s hustle.

As you can tell from the video included with this post, Marques is talented. He’s got the gear for shooting great footage, and he knows how to edit. He has used his YouTube channel to garner over 3.6 million followers. That among other things got him press access to yesterday’s Apple event. If you want to check out more of his stuff, check out his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter.