Luna Display turns any iPad into a wireless, 2nd display

I love my desktop, dual 4K display setup. When I’m coding a website and checking how it looks in a browser, having a second display means I don’t have to switch back and forth between windows. I code in one window and preview the output in the other.

On the other hand, ever since I got a laptop back in 2015, I’ve had the option of moving my office anywhere. The only drawback to this portability is that I can’t easily take one of my 4K displays with me. Therefore, the holy grail for me in terms of maximum efficiency and portability is some sort of portable monitor setup I can pack with my Macbook.

All of the above is why I was immediately impressed by the Luna Display Kickstarter. Unlike other attempts to turn an iPad into a second display, Luna Display is a hardware solution that takes full advantage of your Mac’s graphic card. Pair your MacBook with an iPad Pro and Luna Display, and you’ve got a portable dual-monitor setup.

I backed the Kickstarter with the delivery date of my Luna Display expected to be May 2018. I look forward to reporting back from my mobile office sometime next Summer.

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