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Month: August 2015

My Favorite Podcasts

This past week I was twice asked, “What’s on your podcatcher?” Now I’m answering that question by giving a rundown…

Securely share private information - OneShar.es oneshar.es

Share private information with others that self-destructs after first viewing. – OneShar.es

Next time you need to send someone something like an account login or a password, OneShar.es lets you do this…

thingCHARGER – Shipping soon?

How many of you chipped in to thingCHARGER’s Indiegogo or pre-ordered one via their Facebook promotion? I know I did,…

Knoxville Marriage Initiative Website

Today I’m proud to announce the launch of the Knoxville Marriage Initiative (KMI) website. The Knoxville Marriage Initiative is a…

Hugo – A fast and modern static website engine

I love these things: Hugo is another static site generator programmed in Go. Introducing Hugo, a new idea around making…

Meteor Kitchen

Meteor Kitchen can help you kickstart development on your next Meteor-based project. Meteor Kitchen is a code generator for Meteor.js….

mycli - command line db interface mycli.net

mycli – command line db interface

This looks handy: mycli is a command line interface for your DBs with nifty things like auto-completion and syntax highlighting.

Kickball/awesome-selfhosted - github.com github.com

Kickball/awesome-selfhosted – github.com

If you’re the DIY type when it comes to the web, you’ll appreciate this comprehensive list of self-hosted resources which…

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