Some quick notes from this week in the office:

One client threw me a slight curveball when he emailed saying he was demoing the React app I’d been building for them, and it was crashing. We hadn’t discussed this demo one bit, and I would have preferred to have been a bit more prepared.

I quickly gleaned he was using a version of IE I hadn’t tested. We got him switched to Chrome for the demo. Today I was able to get the issue fixed by adding a JavaScript polyfill for IE11 via the core-js package.

As I posted earlier this week, I released my SSHman CLI tool. I’d been wanting to release it for over a year, and with the advent of PHIVE since I’d last worked on it, there’s finally an easy way for me to securely distribute the PHP phar file which contains my tool. Getting this personal project out there is very satisfying.

Finally, I’m close to finishing a redesign of one client’s website. For this project, I’m moving from a WordPress setup to a site built with GravCMS. Using Grav is such a nice change of pace as all the content for the site is built from Markdown files. This striped down approach to building pages makes my work quick and a breath of fresh air as compared to working inside WordPress. This isn’t to say I’m ditching WordPress, but the change of pace is nice.