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We took advantage of the girls’ day off from school this past Tuesday by visiting the zoo. Love the spring-like green in the background of this shot.  …

Whenever I’m coding in #React, I find the more screens the better.

It was another great start to the #KnoxvilleMarathon2018 weekend as we ran in the Kids Fun Run.

We let our 3rd grader and kindergartener into our #MarchMadness pool this year. They are sooo into it! Love it!

I’m not sure what my daughter was going for here, but it sorta spooks me out. Maybe a ninja, ghost-type thingy perhaps?

Here’s a look at my Apple Watch 2017 Perfect Year. Every circle, every day for 2017. #AppleWatch

Remember these? Pair this with an iPod and you’ve got a complete run tracking setup. #AntiqueTech

Let’s see: Christmas tree + a funky filter = art, eh?! Oh well, I like it. ? Merry Christmas!

These little guys are ultrasonic receiver ICs. One possible application for them is tracking physical objects in VR.

Homemade Thin Mints with Ghiradelli chocolate? Yes. Yes, we totally went there.

Doing some macro photography for a client this afternoon. #olloclip #ollomacro