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White Christmas 2020

After all we’ve been through this year, it was quite magical to experience a White Christmas. They’re quite rare in our parts with the last one coming in…

I so rarely take selfies…

I so rarely take selfies that it was only this past weekend that I discovered you can do a Portrait Mode Selfie in iOS. Turns out this has…

Might as well get back to this…

I posted a link this morning. It’s the first thing I’ve published on here since the last week of February. Gee, I wonder what happened? I’ll give you…

700 Days in a row

Streakin’ #AppleWatch

Happy Thanksgiving! ??

Oh yes, we went there, and it was so yummy. #curldelacreme

Georgia Peach

Here’s a new flavor variation I found at a Harris Teeter. It’s quite delicious.

  I’ve always wanted to try a Moxie. Looking forward to having this one once it has a chance to cool off in the fridge.

This wasn’t even mine, but I had to share the shot. A lovely beverage…  

The crowd and location for tonight’s dance recital makes it quite the event.

I took a macro of some fennel we’re growing in our backyard, and I’m really digging it as my wallpaper.

Here’s a look at our backyard up close, real close. #olloclip

Currently racing against the clock. Will I make it in time?

This brings back fond memories. (Nap time hijinks courtesy of my daughter.)

500 days in a row

500 days in a row. #AppleWatch

Oh the fun of climbing a tree.

We still get a surprising amount of use out of our 1st Gen iPad. There are still a lot of kids apps that work great on it. We…

For this #React project I’ve been working on, so much of my thinking has gone on inside my journal.