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FiveFinger Running

I’ve been enjoying running in my Vibram FiveFinger shoes lately. I’ve had them for years, but I’ve just recently gotten the hang of how to run with them….

Weather Rolling In

Ominous looking skies as some weather rolled in the other night.

Twin Arches Hike in Big South Fork

This past weekend our family hiked out to the Twin Arches in Big South Fork. Once you’ve driven all the way out to the remote parking area, it’s…

White Christmas 2020

After all we’ve been through this year, it was quite magical to experience a White Christmas. They’re quite rare in our parts with the last one coming in…

I so rarely take selfies…

I so rarely take selfies that it was only this past weekend that I discovered you can do a Portrait Mode Selfie in iOS. Turns out this has…

Hilton Head Island Desktop Wallpaper

Last week we went to Hilton Head Island for Fall Break. Despite our girls just having Thursday and Friday off from school, we went for the whole week….

Might as well get back to this…

I posted a link this morning. It’s the first thing I’ve published on here since the last week of February. Gee, I wonder what happened? I’ll give you…

700 Days in a row

Streakin’ #AppleWatch

Happy Thanksgiving! ??

Oh yes, we went there, and it was so yummy. #curldelacreme

Georgia Peach

Here’s a new flavor variation I found at a Harris Teeter. It’s quite delicious.

  I’ve always wanted to try a Moxie. Looking forward to having this one once it has a chance to cool off in the fridge.

This wasn’t even mine, but I had to share the shot. A lovely beverage…  

The crowd and location for tonight’s dance recital makes it quite the event.

I took a macro of some fennel we’re growing in our backyard, and I’m really digging it as my wallpaper.

Here’s a look at our backyard up close, real close. #olloclip

Currently racing against the clock. Will I make it in time?