Dual-Screen Backgrounds – Twelve South

Twelve South, makers of popular Mac-only accessories, has released another set of dual screen backgrounds. Their latest collection is an Hawaiian Island Adventure. The set features four scenes cropped perfectly to match your dual screen setup.

I went for the Maui Coastline set. Which one will you choose?


Twelve South creates beautifully designed accessories exclusively for Apple computers. We know Mac users. We are Mac users. We feel it’s time to stop settling for PC accessories that are painted white and passed off as “Mac compatible.”

Source: Dual-Screen Backgrounds – Twelve South

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  1. Charley Sexton

    Awesome! I checked them all out and went a Scottish pastoral scene from Collection #2. Thanks for sharing!

    • Nice! My only problem is I can’t get any work done today for hiding all windows and gazing at my desktop. 😉

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