This week I made a “thing“. It’s an aggregator website for University of Tennessee sports news. It displays a custom feed I’ve built from sources like USA Today, Yahoo! Sports/Rivals,, and various other blogs and forum feeds.

The idea I’m following here is akin to the old feed readers that most people don’t use anymore. In this case, I’ve handpicked several sites on one topic with the hopes that other folks will find it useful.

So far, in focus group testing everyone has been able to quickly ascertain the utility and aim of the site. They’ve also commented it’s the type of thing they’d bookmark and use often. Those feedbacks bode well for the site’s future growth and promotion.

Currently I have the site branded as a part of; however, it remains to be seen whether we’ll move forward with that. I may very well rebrand it as its own thing.

Check out the site at: