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Long before MacDonalds bags of cash (🤔 or was it Chic-fil-a?), Schiano-Sunday, and way back into the Butch Jones era, I’ve been helping the crew at keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. With their site growing by leaps and bounds during the past couple of years, it was time for a bit of a refresh/update. Therefore, I was honored when they tasked me with the job.

On December 1 we went live with the new site. In many ways it was a pixel-for-pixel rebuild of the original site with an eye for great accessibility, backend usability, and under-the-hood performance gains to meet their growing demand. The end result caters to their vast mobile audience while also allowing for great desktop browsing. All-in-all, it’s Vol Nation’s #1 Digital Destination for breaking Tennessee Sports coverage, and I’m glad to be doing my part to help.

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  1. Michael you did a fabulous job!

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