Spotify Playlist – I like to code

Today I’m sharing one of my Spotify playlists: I like to code. It features tracks by Bonobo, Lemon Jelly, Tosca, Helios and more.

It’s the perfect mix for a nice long coding session. I’ve personally tried out this playlist while coding PHP, HTML, LESS/CSS, HTML Emails, JavaScript, WordPress Themes, and even a little bit of Django. It’s guaranteed to help you write clean, compliant code that does the job and plays nice with other developers. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Charley Sexton

    Did you assemble this playlist? Bonobo’s Black Sands is one of my favorite albums. Especially when I need to dig in and focus. I’m not sure your clean-coding guarantee will apply to me… But I’ll leave the coding to you and John M.

    • Yes, I assembled this playlist. Cool to find out you enjoy Bonobo too! If not the “clean-coding guarantee”, perhaps it will help you design and brainstorm? 😉

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