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Spotify Playlist – Patrick O’Hearn Favorites

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of these on here with you, and I really do apologize. What’s worse, this particular playlist has been a part of my Spotify for several years. Now, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite modern composers…

I first heard of Patrick O’Hearn through an iTunes Radio station* on our Apple TV. His music frequently made the Ambient playlist. After a couple weeks of hearing his stuff, liking it, and then forgetting to see who it was, I finally remembered. This was also around the time I started using Spotify. If memory serves me, my Patrick O’Hearn Favorites playlist was one of my very first Spotify Playlists. Through the years, I’ve enjoyed coming back to it time and again. His music takes me places without carrying me away from whatever I’m working on. In addition, I also love to use this particular playlist for naps, both long and short. Give it a listen. I’d love to know what you think.

*With the advent of Apple Music, iTunes Rado was discontinued on January 29, 2106. Source: Wikipedia – iTunes Radio

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