How to Turn iOS 9’s Keyboard Back to All Caps

John Gruber shares how to keep your iOS 9 keyboard *always* displaying All Caps. *Thank you Mr. Gruber.*

iOS 9’s keyboard has a big change: the alphabetic key caps change case — they’re lowercase when typing lowercase, uppercase when Shift or Caps Lock is engaged. Android and Windows Phone keyboards have always done this.

I don’t like it, and I’m not alone.

The good news: You can turn this off and go back to the way the keyboard was meant to be, with all caps alphabetic keys all the time. The confusing part: For some reason, the setting for this is not in Settings: General: Keyboard. Instead, it’s in Settings: General: Accessibility: Keyboard.

Source: Daring Fireball: How to Turn iOS 9’s Keyboard Back to All Caps

News Publishing Guide: Becoming a News Publisher

I just setup this site to be an iCloud News Publisher when the new News app goes live with the release of the next version of iOS.


The News app was announced during yesterday’s 2015 WWDC Keynote. It looks to be Apple’s take on the RSS reader. From what I saw in the presentation, it may become my new favorite way to consume longform content from magazines like WIRED, The Atlantic, and more.

To distribute content on News, you need to complete a sign-up and approval process. Use the iCloud-based News Publisher tool to register as a publisher, add your feeds, and get your channel approved. ~ Becoming a News Publisher – Apple Developer Site

Carbo — Handwriting for the digital age

Carbo is an iPad app for capturing your writings and drawings. Once you’ve brought them into your device, it gives you options for making edits, organizing, and more. It seems similar to Adobe Shape CC, but has more features.

Carbo is an application for people who love handwriting. Just use your favorite pen and paper as you usually do, without any constraint. Carbo will let you capture, edit, and organize your notes, design sketches, and whiteboard drawings, bringing handwriting into the digital age.

Source: Carbo

Playr – Your Own Addicitve Games

Build your own games based off classic addictive game types. Insert your own photos, or draw some sprites, and make the game your own. Record your own sound effects or choose some built-in ones. Play the games of who you’re following right off the newsfeed, and challenge the scores of your friends. Discover other people’s games, and share your creations with the world!

via Playr – Your Own Addicitve Games