Ever wonder how you’d use an iPhone if you were blind? Read about The little-known iPhone feature that helps blind people see with their fingers (David Pogue via Yahoo Finance).

Motherboard lifts the curtain on Apple’s mysterious iPhone calibration machine:

“It was a big clunky machine that honestly looked like someone built it in their backyard,” a former Apple Genius told me. “There were different ‘moulds’ that different iPhone models would go into before going in the machine, and it would take around 30 minutes … there was some weird liquid that needed to be placed in the machine that we would have to wear gloves with to fix it. Lots of gas type valves and whatnot. It literally looked like some backyard home job. Not very Apple-like at all.”

~ Motherboard

Ever use Apple Notes on your iPhone or iPad? Federico Viticci shows us how to become an Apple Notes power-user in Optimizing Apple Notes.

Apple has hired much respected security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski. While checking out Jonathan’s blog, I happened to come across his thoughts on Christianity. Turns out he is a thoughtful Christian. His defense of his faith is refreshing.

On the heels of my review of Apple Watch, The Verge explains why Apple Watch is still the best designed smartwatch.