Medium is not a publishing tool – Ev Williams – Medium’s CEO (he also headed Blogger and helped found Twitter) explains what Medium is:

Medium is not a publishing tool. It’s a network. A network of ideas that build off each other. And people. [Read more…]

By the way, if you’ve followed my posts for a while, you’ll note that I’m a big fan of Medium. The site is designed for presenting long-form content in an eye pleasing manner. Plus, its writing environment has been an innovator in recent trends to simpify online publishing. Secretly I’ve been wanting to post something over there. I just haven’t written what I feel is the *right* article with the proper tone.

The case for drinking whole milk – Quartz – Whole milk joins the list of things we learned were bad for us as children, but are being seen in a revised light. – If you’re seeing this post on a desktop computer, TypeDrummer is a fun distraction for a mintue or two.

yoshuawuyts/vmd – Github – `vmd` = `view mark down`. `vmd` is a markdown previewer written in NodeJS. Very handy indeed.